Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Designing a Low-Definition Digital Ideation Platform

For my Everyday Ideation deliverable, I wrote up some thoughts that I posted earlier into a somewhat coherent essay. It's not quite the standard deliverable I had foreseen myself making, but it's too interesting to pass up.

It can be found here.

Here's the 5-second version:
-the way that computers naturally display and store information is fundamentally different from the way notes and sketches naturally display and store information
-the way in which we use our computers prohibits us from thinking in "design mode" as we would while using a notebook
-here are a few starter ideas for designing a program that would encourage on-the-fly "design thinking"

Comments welcome!

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Marco Morales said...

Ok, so I have something to talk about here that I'm actually excited about. I think this has a bit to do with your earlier post Erik as well as your deliverable.

Livescribe Check out the livescribe pen, a tool that actually accomplished some of the roughness that computers cannot achieve...

The possibilities of this device seem to be something that would be great to sit down and talk about. The most exciting part of this product is the fact that it is a platform for future product ideas.